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Logo-EE 40 Alchemical Chest is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Alchemical Chest
Block Alchemical Chest
Type Storage
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable No
Data Value dec. 2452
EMC Value 8,987
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Alchemical Chest is an upgraded version of the regular chest, with several extra properties. It is also used in crafting Alchemy Bags.



Alchemical Chests hold four times as many items (104 total) as a single regular chest, can be placed side-by-side without requiring a space between as double chests do, and may be opened even when there is a block on top of them. This means that, if you can afford them in bulk, a 5x3x1 space filled entirely with Alchemical Chests can hold nearly eight times as many items as the same space with the maximum possible concentration of wooden chests.

In addition to their massive space-saving properties, Alchemical Chests gain additional properties when holding certain magical items:

A Talisman of Repair Grid Talisman of Repair will repair all items within the chest at a rate of 1 damage point per second.
A Black Hole Band Grid Black Hole Band will cause the chest to draw in and store all nearby dropped items - excellent for automated farms, among other uses.
A Gem of Eternal Density Grid Gem of Eternal Density will convert ten items per second into EMC, which it will use to upgrade any Iron, Gold, Diamonds, or Dark Matter in the chest to the next tier, ending with Red Matter. You can use this for building an automatic Diamond generator.

A Void Ring Grid Void Ring will act as both a Black Hole Band and a Gem of Eternal Density.

An Interdiction Torch  Grid Interdiction Torch will provide light up to 15 blocks away and repel vanilla mobs within the light away from it. This is useful for protecting your items from creepers.

EMC CompositionEdit

1 (Low Covalence Dust) + 2x1 (Stone) + 8 (Medium Covalence Dust) + 64 (Chest) + 208 (High Covalence Dust) + 2x256 (Iron) + 8192 (Diamond) = 8,987

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